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In order to prevent vandalism and prevent edit wars, questions about religion that cannot be answered scientifically or with a direct quotation from a religion's scripture are redirected here. If your question was redirected here, we suggest you ask a minister or clergyman of your own faith (if any) to ensure that you receive an answer in line with your own religious beliefs.

Examples of questions that cannot be answered

  • Does God exist? - Many religions are polytheistic, and do not accept the existence of only one God. Other religions do not believe in any deities whatsoever. Scientifically, there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of God or gods, other than to demonstrate that attributed works can arise through natural processes.
  • Does God hate X / Is X a sin ? - Different religions have different views about what God tolerates, condemns, and condones. For instance, Judaism does not permit the eating of pork products, while most Christian groups do. Some churches accept gay people, while other do not.
  • Generic questions about the nature of God - As mentioned above, no religion has a monopoly on the concept of God. As such, questions about God like "How big is God?" and "When was God born?" cannot be addressed in a non-specific context. Please ask your question in the context of a specific religion, such as "How much do Jews believe God weighs?" or "When do Christians believe God was born?"

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