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Because the world is a stupid place. Most men are homophobic because they're insecure about their own masculinity. Research shows that NOBODY is 100% percent gay or straight. Bisexuality is fun --BR Ninja15 17:45, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

From another point of view: Just don't be so pushy about it. Don't insist in harassing people about who is gay. If you leave the subject alone everything will be much better.

Ultimately whoever is showing signs of homosexualism will not always know for sure what he loves or wants until reaching certain point of their life (over 25 years old). Some people can't get along with anyone regardless of gender and they end up assuming they are homosexuals sometimes. I personally think nobody is born homosexual. A person gets shaped and molded by life experiences. That doesn't mean I am against it. I support all kinds of love, as long as they get along. Why would you be with a woman all your life arguing and screaming at one another, if you could be with a guy and be happy. That sort of thing. So I am not against it.

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