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We don't. All footage comes from an existing (and aired) episode. It's possible you just didn't see it yourself...

There's also the possibility that the recaps may not be recaps at all. For example, in the episode, "200", there are portions of the episode that were specially filmed for the episode. They seem like flashbacks, but they aren't.

New Responder: In the SG-1 season 5 ep. "The Sentinel," some shots of that episode's actors were inserted into previously-on clips from the season 3 ep. "Shades of Grey." Director Martin Wood refers to it in the commentary as a "bit of Soviet revisionism" so that "The Sentinel" can show characters that were ostensibly in Maybourne's offworld team but never shown. Aside from this, and the clips of the Furlings in "200" (which the production team says is a humorous tribute episode and not actually cannon), all previously-on clips are from shows that had been aired.

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