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Despite what many politicians and other organizations say, there is no conflicting evidence. Global warming is a scientific fact.

Another Answer

The matter is sometimes a matter of perception. People who have no training in science or meteorology would challenge the facts vehemently, and vociferously. (Noisly.)

At the root of this is fear. Fear that we are destroying the planet, fear of anihilation, and most of all, the human ego fears its own death. So it resists, fights, argues, denies and creates conflict. So some will look at the evidence and say it means nothing; scientists look at the evidence and say if you continue to do this, then the outcome will be .... and they say this because they use scientific method, which is, anyone must be able to reproduce the experiment and get the same results. That, in a nutshell, is science.

There is no one worldwide authority in science, but rather, peer review and approbation.

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