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Why is there int on Warrior artifact armor?

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There's always been a lot of rumors about the random statistics on artifact armor. For example, some people believed that because the Rogue's Bonnet does INT+5 and "Steal +1" that SE was hinting that INT affects steal rates.

You'll have to decide for yourself, but here's what makes sense to me. The ability score modifications are placed in a sensible fashion. I.E, body pieces give VIT; head, MND and INT; feet, give AGI; hands, DEX; legs, AGI. Look at the Rogue Set ( again, and look at the pattern. Look at the Wizard's Attire ( Granted, the stats don't fit a perfect mold. I.E, the Warlock's Tabard does CHR+5 which doesn't fully make sense. Or the Chaos Burgeonet does STR+4 which, again, doesn't follow this mold. But, typically, they do. The stats are not tell tale signs of anything, they're just extra.

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