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Everyone on Wikianswers can ask and answer questions, rephrase questions, or flag questions for deletion.

The top priority on Wikianswers is getting the questions answered and you don't need to be an admin to do that!

What can Administrators do?

  1. Admins can delete and undelete pages and can read deleted pages. Other users can flag pages for deletion by an admin.
  2. Edits by admins are automatically marked as patrolled. Any logged in user can mark edits by other people as patrolled.
  3. Anyone can move pages. Admins can also move images, and they can suppress redirects when moving a page (not recommended except in cases of vandalism as redirects are helpful to people searching for an answer).

How can I become an Administrator?

You should have plenty of experience in doing the basic wiki tasks of answering, rewording, and categorizing, before volunteering to become an admin. Admins are experienced users who have already answered hundreds of questions on Wikianswers and want to help keep the wiki clean by deleting questions that are not allowed on Wikianswers, and occasionally blocking those that make them. Admins should be willing to take advice from others and work in a collaborative and sensible way, and are at all times available to review by the community.

Administrator rights are currently given out through a general consensus of the Administration. If you have any suggestions for users who may be suitable, feel free to contact an administrator.

What is a Bureaucrat?

A bureaucrat is nearly the same as an admin; the only difference is that bureaucrats have the ability to give other users sysop or bureaucrat rights. Bureaucrats also have access to the revision delete tool. A few bureaucrats also have check user rights. Bureaucrats can only have their rights revoked by themselves or staff.

What is a Patroller?

Patrollers may seem like Administrators but this isn't the case. They are people who are trusted by the community to delete questions/pages. Please see here for more information.


Tasks only for admins

  • Check the candidates for deletion and delete or fix.
  • Block users to prevent sustained vandalism
  • Lock questions that are subject to heavy and repeated vandalism
  • Edit the interface text
  • Edit fully protected pages

Tasks that admins and others can do

  • Check recent changes and undo any vandalism.
  • Check new questions and fix any bad questions by rewording them.
  • Check new questions and fix any duplicate questions by redirecting them.
  • List bad questions for deletion by adding {{delete|reason}} to them.
  • Redirect often-asked bad questions to this page.
  • Answer un-answered questions.
  • Advise and encourage new editors by leaving them messages on their talk page or board.
  • Participate in the forums.

List of admins

See Special:ListAdmins for an automatic list.

There are 12 users with administrator rights on Wikianswers, 8 of whom are also Bureaucrats.

Administrators and Bureaucrats Status
TheRequiemEmpire Active, Bureaucrat
ERS 7 Active, Administrator
Jr Mime Active, Bureaucrat
I am not me Inactive, Bureaucrat

Bots Operated by Administrators

Bots of Wikianswers Purpose of the Bot Owner and Status
AssassinBot Auto delete of non-questions I am not me, On
ChuChuBot Mass deletion Chuua, On
DirectionBot Auto redirect fixing I am not me, On
QuestionCatBot Auto-categorization I am not me, On
I am a bot General use I am not me, On
MuudyBot General use Jr Mime, On
SpellBot Auto question move I am not me, On
TempBot Long tasks I am not me, On
TheGuiltyBot Sorting and fixing categories 343 TheGuiltyProphet, On