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The Lists namespace is a way to organize questions and categories on Wikianswers in a less formal way than adding them to categories. They are meant to be useful primarily to administrators and category maintainers, though they can contain information useful to askers as well.

General guidelinesEdit

Lists should be neat and orderly. There should be no more than one level of subpages (Lists:RuneScape/Dragon Slayer is fine, but Lists:Video games/MMORPGs/RuneScape/Dragon Slayer is not. Lists that are generated using DPL should be cached to improve performance and reduce site load.

Frequently asked questionsEdit

What are some examples of uses for Lists?Edit

Lists are best thought of as an alternative to categories. As such, anything you may wish to group together but are too awkward or too numerous for a category can be put in a list. Some real-world examples:

How can I find these Lists?Edit

If a list index (the main List:Subject page) exists, a link to it will appear from its associated category page. Links to sublists may occasionally be posted directly on the category page. Lists created for purposes other than categories may be linked to elsewhere.

Who can create these Lists? Can I?Edit

For now, any registered user can create new Lists. Just make sure they follow the guidelines above. Look at Lists:Xbox 360 and Lists:RuneScape for reference.

How many sublists can I create?Edit

There is no limit to the number of sublists (Lists:Subject/sublist) that can be created. Just remember that you have to link to them from the base page (Lists:Subject). A long index List may not be much better than just looking at the category page.

Can I link to Lists and sublists of another subject?Edit

Yes. A link from, say, a list of Xbox 360 games at Lists:Xbox 360/List of Xbox 360 games to Lists:PlayStation 3/List of PlayStation 3 games makes perfect sense. A link from Lists:Lapras/Lapras in Pokémon Stadium to Lists:Pokémon Stadium may also make sense.

Note that you should not create sublists if an index List for it does not exist. Don't create Lists:Fantasy Online/Fantasy Online items if Lists:Fantasy Online doesn't exist. Create the sublist under an existing one instead.

How do I enable cached results in DPL?Edit

Add allowcachedresults=true as one of the parameters.

Do I have to enable caching?Edit

If the List is going to remain in place on a permanent basis, then yes. This is generally the case for Lists for categories and maintenance lists. There are some situations where you may not need to enable caching if you are creating the List for a temporary purpose that won't be used for more than a few days (see the personal lists section below).

Do I have to use DPL? Can I create Lists by hand instead?Edit

Lists do not have to be created by DPL. However, hand-created lists don't have the advantage of updating themselves. Either way, the List should be useful for finding something on the wiki, and not just a random, unlinked list of items. It should also not be used to list pages on another wiki unless it is useful for maintenance or a Wikianswers-related project.

Do I have to use sublists? Why can't I just place everything on the index page (List:Subject)?Edit

Sublists are not strictly necessary. However, placing more than two DPL queries on a List is bad for performance reasons, and, after a point, it will be impossible to add more at all (the page will refuse to load). Sublists help keep everything running fast and tidy.

Can I create my own personal Lists?Edit

Yes. Creating an index page with the same name as your username (Lists:Username) is the recommended location, though if your username is the same as a category or project page, you will need to create one elsewhere. Place a link to your user page at the top of the index page and any sublists. You can do this by transcluding Template:Personallist to the page with {{personallist|username}}.

The same basic guidelines for regular Lists apply to personal Lists. Lists should be cached if you plan on leaving it in place permanently. They must be neat and organized and be used in some way to find or improve content on Wikianswers. No lists of your favorite ponies or the foods you hate. Put that on your user page instead.

Can I delete Lists?Edit

Only admins on Wikianswers can delete pages. If you feel a List should be deleted, please contact an administrator to help you. Please do not remove the content of the page or remove a link to it from its index; this could be mistaken for vandalism. If it is your personal List, you can move the list to another page and reuse it for something else instead, or remove the DPL query when you are not using it.

Is it Lists or listsEdit

Both. Lists (with a capital L) refer to the pages in the Lists namespace, while lists (with a lower case L) refers to the content of those pages. All Lists should have lists, but not all lists should be Lists.

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