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It might be possible, Hinata already confessed her love for Naruto, yet there is none whom she feels close to rather than him. At this point it would be awkward if they did not end up together.

It may or may not happen...Naruto is still in love w/ Sakura.He's been in love w/ her for several yrs(we've known it fr.the start).Same thing w/ hinata...She've always loved naruto even though the latter didn't notice it until recently.. It'll be very hard for Hinata to accept the fact tht the one she loves is in love w/ someone else..but if she truly loves naruto,she'll respect his decision if he chooses Sakura.Painful but it's true.You cnt force someone to love you..;c That's also the reason why Naruto is in deep pain.. His crush is in love w/ Sasuke..but it didn't stop him from loving her.He's still persistent.he will do all in his power to make Sakura happy, even if it is at the expense of his own happiness(as quoted in wikipedia).However,if Sakura turns him down(for the 2nd time)then of course,naruto will give up..perhaps he'll look for someone else..I don't think it'll be easy for him coz his love for sakura have grown deeper.. we must also consider Sakura's feelings..she also experienced the pain of rejection..

"Love takes time to heal when you're hurting so much---you can't escape the pain inside"

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