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seeing as this is a video game we can be safley assured Wesker found some way out of there. the only man that can truely put a man into his grave goes by the name Leon S. Kennedy. who was absent from the fifth, ruining it.

edit... I would just like to say, Albert Wesker is now considered dead by the Resident Evil community, he was finally destroyed by Chris Redfield, his long term nemisis, as it should be! I know there a lot of Wesker fans out there lobbying for his return or hoping he survived, but lets face it, he was hit by two rocket launchers while melting in lava deep in a volcano! So if that does not kill him, nothing ever will, to bring him back would just be stupid and make a joke of the series.

Edit...I strongly dissagree. He's literally almost immortal, so yeah.....he's still ALIVE!!!!

wesker is dead face ir

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