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It is quite possible, I'm sure it will happen.

We continue to advance medically, yet in many ways we're taking care of our bodies less well and we are destroying the capacity to live the way we currently live. We're at a razor's edge where we may tip either way, to disaster or a brighter future. It seems we're heading more towards disaster, at the moment. It is certainly possible that humans will live longer and longer and may even cease dying due to old age, even in the relatively near future. This is, of course, incredibly complex, needing a great deal of support. There's also the question of whether all people will be living longer, or just some. There are far more people in the world right now suffering and dying from treatable conditions than there are people being treated and surviving these conditions.

Another Reply

Its already happening now. Due increases in quality of life, medicine, food and health, human beings are living longer right now. Most governments face a the problem of funding care and medical facilities for the Boomers, those born 1945-1955, who are now in their grey years, and living longer than their parents lived.



While we are seeing signs of increased life we are also seeing the makings of deaths way to balance it out. with the population sky rocketing resources will run dry faster, housing and medical will become limited and this will likely level out the life to death rate hopefully.

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