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Most likely, Luffy will gain at least 1 and perhaps 2 new crew members before reaching the end of the Grand Line. Luffy stated near the beginning of the story that he wanted 10 crew members and we know from past experience that Luffy always gets what he wants, no matter how long and hard he has to work for it. Whether those 10 include himself I am not certain, but since he presently has 8 crew besides himself, he needs at least 1 more to reach his goal. The big questions now are who will join Luffy's crew next and how will he reunite with his old nakama? Answering the second question first, each of the Straw Hats, fortunately, have Vivrecards that will lead them to Silvers Rayleigh's location, but how they'll actually get there is a quandary. Chopper might have the easiest time because he's made friends with the giant birds of his island who could fly him back. In the manga, Robin has been rescued from a brief stint of slavery by the Revolutionaries. It's quite likely that Luffy may meet her again at the same time he reunites with Dragon in the New World. The people that Brook landed among literally worship him and would do anything in their meager power to get him back to Luffy. Nami was experimenting with those wind producing cloths on Weatheria and I speculate that she'll find a way to control the winds so that they'll carry her whereever she wants to go. Sanji will probably have to swallow his pride and put on women's clothing before the okama on his island will lend him a boat. Usopp, Zoro, and Franky seem the most trapped. Usopp has found a new friend in Hercules and plenty of food, so he may not want to leave for a while. If he does, he may want to fulfill his dream to visit Elbaf. Perona isn't going to let Zoro go anytime soon, unless they can both find a way off their island (neither of them like it there). And Franky has lost his memory for the time being. And who will join the Straw Hats and do we already know them? Hatchan seems like a good candidate as he presently doesn't belong to a pirate crew and is friendly with the Straw Hats now. Being a Fishman, his talents as such (swimming and underwater breathing skills) may come in useful. However, Hatchan is a swordsman and since there are already 2 swordsmen on the Straw Hat crew (Zoro and Brook) he may not be unique enough. I speculate that Jimbei (once he survives the Marineford battle) will be returning to Fishman Island on Luffy's ship and rebuilding his pirate crew. Since I'm almost certain that Whitebeard will die in the battle, Jimbei will need his own crew to protect Fishman Island. Hatchan may very likely join Jimbei instead of Luffy. There is also a chance that Hancock may join the crew. Due to her love with Luffy, she may find it hard to leave him alone. And she doesnt have to worry about being the princess over the Kuja tribe, as her sisters can take over anytime. With his nakama virtually wiped out at Marineford, Ace may travel with Luffy for awhile but I don't think that he would be satisfied with being his "little brother's" crewman for long. Perhaps Iva could convince him to join the Revolutionaries, and although Ace dislikes Dragon, he would want revenge against the World Government more than anything when/if Whitebeard dies at their hand. And as for Camie and Pappug. They are cute but don't seem to have anything useful to offer to the Straw Hats (they certainly can't fight)

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