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The End of the World (Life)Edit

This will occur when the Sun, now a yellow dwarf, cools and becomes a red dwarf. This will give off masses of radiation and expand way beyond the range of the earth( 250 times the distance it is now). Protection from the amount of radiation produced is likely to be impossible.

Apocalypse and RecreationEdit

Hinduism and Mayan, and possibly other belief systems, have the view that the world will destruct and be recreated. This is of course similar to the repeating Big Bang/Big Crunch theory.

The end of the world (Earth)Edit

The world will end at some point. depending on which scientific view one takes.


Big Bang Reversed(Crunch), Big Freeze/Heat, Big Rip, are just a few of the events that are likely to happen. It is yet unclear which will be the finale or the extinction of the planet. An extinction event may occur; or more likely the death of the Sun which would be a gradual freeze. Some people may survive for quite some time, especially if there is enough warning (prediction).

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